We transport delicious fruits filled with vitamins to the four corners of the world

As Art Fruits, we bring a breath of fresh air to fresh fruits export business. We carefully meet the requirements and expectations of our consumers while providing services on an international scale.

We make use of the power of technological innovations while offering access to healthy, hygienic and fresh fruits. We execute the shipping process with utmost care with our digital tracking devices and expert staff in the field.

We deliver in due time to our customers with our solution partners who are leaders in the global market. We offer land, air, and maritime transport options for shipments. We prefer direct lines for shipments to overseas countries… We deliver as earliest as possible by shortening the delivery times.

UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong and tens of other locations!

We race against time despite the short shelf lives of products such as cherry and fig. We deliver with 24 hours after picking to all destinations worldwide thanks to the freighter direct flights from Istanbul. Singapore, India, Dubai, Qatar, Netherlands, Canada, Indonesia…

We challenge the limits! We continuously work to deliver fruits carefully harvested from the orchards with ideal equipment and proper tools.