Pursuing the fresh fruit sales arising from the fertile soils of Turkey in the global market, Art Fruits makes use of technological innovations with utmost care.

We combine our well-established experiences of the past with the current trends.

As soon as our customers send their orders to us, we automatically sort them according to the capacities of our garden and production facilities. We send the products we pack quickly to the nearest place by land and air according to the preference of our customer. We can follow the whole process digitally and monitor the temperature, humidity and location information of the products instantly.

We pack in line with the demands of the customers in the global market, and make sure that fresh products are swiftly delivered to the end consumers.

We provide solutions to your demands via ‘Art Fruit Online Order System’ prepared in collaboration with Odablanc in line with the needs of the consumers.

We share offers and give order confirmations with common messaging software via Order APP. We make it easier for you to track your orders instantaneously.

We are capable of preparing partial orders with utmost care and ship to anywhere in Europe thanks to the professional support of our solution partners.

Since 2019, we offer our customers the opportunity to pack products in their private labels. Private Label options are at your service…

You can send us questions and suggestions via our 24/7 active line.